Koyó's Hair & Body Kare

Koyó's Hair & Body Kare was born during my transitioning journey. After suffering from serious hair damage, due to years of relaxing, I decide to go back to my natural state. Over the years I had every hair style you could think of - braids, twists, finger wave, pixie cut, bob cut, you name it, I had it! Like many women, my hair was my crown and glory so when it became damaged and broken it effected me emotionally and physically. I felt lost and really didn't know what to do. 
Going natural was a major step for me. I had my first relaxer when I was 15, so I had NO ideal what my natural hair looked liked. It was like preparing to meet a long lost friend. After a few cuts and a lot of patients, we finally met. I had no idea what to do or what to use on it, however my main priority was to just have healthy hair again. 
I stared using things I already had in the kitchen like, avocado, raw honey, eggs and bananas. Not only were these things a cheap alternative, but I knew exactly what was going on my hair. I began researching into other beneficial ingredients and within the space of two years I noticed a dramatic difference. I was often asked 'what do you use on your hair?' or 'make me some of that stuff you use please.' - And so Koyó’s Hair & Body Kare was born!
My aim is to include as many natural ingredients in my products as possible. The motto here is 'Natural hair, loves natural products!'
Koyó's Hair & Body Kare brings you quality ingredients for both your hair and skin, without any added Fragrances, additives or parabens. Just products packed with goodness and made with LOVE!